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Clint Theriault Dies in fatal semi crash.

Above is a video of his last moments recovered from the crash.

I Regret to inform you that Clint, the site admin for has died yesterday after crash on the Yellowhead yesterday. Clint went with his step father Henry (a truck driver for Yankee) for a delivery. Hoevever when traveling east on the Yellowhead yesterday, Henry had a heart attack. Witnesses recall a passed out truck driver and a large man trying to steer the truck away from the other cars. Having failed his drivers license and watching too many Japanese Cartoons he failed to notice that he was driving on the wrong side of the road. To avoid hurting the oncoming traffic forced the truck into the median to slow it down. Unfortunately he was on top of a bridge so he just broke through the median and hurtled download on to the railroad tracks below. He then died instantly in a huge fireball.

This has been all over the news here are a few sites about this and even on youtube.

iTV Edmonton 640 Ched Edmonton Sun