Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade!!!

An important thing to note that recently I have found my site to be completely 100% BUG FREE!!! Hurrah!

And you all know what that means, just as in operating systems (XP -> Vista), IT’S UPGRADE TIME!!

There have been a number of security fixes and more importantly Feature additions that have come together recently and In order to implement these it means I’ll have to do an entire overhaul of the site’s engine (basically means I’m making a new site). Since I’m not too confident in the current site for how it was put together (mainly how the Forum directory is mis spelt fourm), and how google fails too see several sections of my site without crashing it, This will be a welcome change and hopefully there will be a decent speed improvement.

Also I have come to realize my current backup system doesn’t work… so I’m gonna have to work together a second system until I have enough money to buy a good one.
So the next durring the next day or two there is a good chance no new forum posts will saved.

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