Hardy Heron IS OUT!! Ubuntu 8.04

Woot the new version out, and with it are a few cool features., most importantly the Gnome Virtual File System and the NTFS extension for the boot loader.
What does this mean you ask. well…

1. The GVFS makes using windows file shares just as easy as it is in windows.

2. the new bootloader allows you to boot linux FROM YOUR WINDOWS DRIVE WITHOUT HAVING TO REFORMAT OR PARTITION A THING!!!!
It saves all of ubuntu to a few files on your c: drive. Fucking Hard Drive Emulation!!

Here are a few more vids I pulled from YouTube..
(once again you need the latest version of Flash for these)

this one shows how you can take advantage of the VM optimizations to do some neat things like run windows seamlessly in linux.

and these are just cool effects

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