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Episode one is a Anime review about Gurren Lagann

As a result of a few factors (mostly the episodes I’ve been working on being full of crap) I have decided to cancel our plans to have KOR episodes be around 20 minutes. I will still continue this project of course, but by myself and only as small clips and bits here and there. Most of this will take the place of how-to segments, and the occasional Anime review.

Below is the same vid from Youtube in normal flv format

Gurren Lagann

If I was to say one thing about this anime, it would be that This show is a classic Super robot anime in every way, but! in my opinion it beats every one before it.

In the first scene they show the future if this show, oddly enough they don’t even show that ship or that the characters ever in that costume type, maybe this series has a possible sequel?? Other than that though, this story starts off in a simple way under simple premises. Here we have Simon doing what he does for most of the series, figuratively and sometimes even literally, drilling through his problems one way or another. The first 30 or so episodes are about a battle against the Beastmen and these mecha’s they everyone pilots are these big ugly looking things called Ganmen, I don’t really like the mecha design of this show very much, however I was never really a super robot fan so maybe that’s a bit of why. Guiding Simon through the first bit of this series is Kamina, he’s the normal stereotypical super robot main character type, which is funny though because he’s not the main character.

This anime has several good story points it starts small as a couple of guys trying to prove that the sky exists and save their village and explore the wilderness to…

uhh spoiler alert? uhh.. ok.

…to a trying to save the universe and getting freaking Galaxy ninja stars thrown at them!! This anime has the largest mecha I have ever seen (and probably ever will see, unless they make a sequel).

….yeah ok spoiler warning over

Now to the rating, overall I give this anime a 8/10, Jared gives it a 9 and so does David.

And if you thought that this anime went over the top, the brought it WAAAAAAAAYYY over the top! And when you thought that they may have went a little too extreme they times that last bit time’s 10, then they did it again, then again and again n again and so forth until it was so f’n crazy you had to love it!! A little too much?? Maybe.

Here’s a few reasons why I didn’t give it a 10.

I think that the end was a little rushed, which did add a element of surprise it kinda took away a sense of… well I don’t want to say realism cause this show was never that to begin with, but did lose a bit of believability.

Another thing is the mecha design while definitely different, I don’t know how I can honestly cheer for some of these designs, one looks like a freakin banana, and others look like a mecha’s guy’s would only pilot for overcompensation if you know what I mean…

Other than that this is a great anime. It’s probably one of those you’d either love or hate, never in between. rent or “borrow” (yar) the first few episodes before you decide to buy the entire series. I don’t know when or even if this series will be licensed but until then there’s always fansubs;)

*EDIT* It has come to my attention that this anime has been licensed by ADV therefore a I have removed the first episode from my site. Have a nice day. *EDIT*

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