Sharon Apple, From Sci-Fi to reality.

OK While looking up the artist that did this odd, yet catchy song from last week, I discovered something…
IT WAS A ROBOT!!! The voice actress Hatsune Miku is nothing more than a AI designed by Yamaha’s synth lab. Wow! The reality of there being a Sharron Apple type Artificial Voice actress is here… To bad Miku kinda sounds like crap. BUT This is mealy the beginning. 5 years from now and we won’t be able to tell the difference. So… does this mean Japanese Techno will get better or worse???
OMG S.R.W. game music will DEFINITELY get worse!

Here’s a few vids I sorted through that didn’t completely suck…
vid 1 the source of the vid above
vid 2 the song on the dancing MP3 player
vid 3 lol totoro

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