Manga n Comic Engine changed

Deleting and reloading the entire Comic and Manga section to do a total overhaul. The old system was too slow and the new one should be much faster. However it will be a bit slower for the first but as the thumbnails regenerate.

Until now I have been trying to use Menalto’s Gallery2 to generate thumbnails and browse through the manga section, this made any modification or additions annoying as fuck. Every time having to manually add and make sure the thumbnails generated properly and that there weren’t any duplicates. I’m ditching Gallery2 for the manga, and random crap sections. This should make it so I can easily add and maintain the archive without any need to even TOUCH a database. I have also decided that I will include rar versions of all comics also available to download through this engine. Music Videos, and Wallpaper will still use the Gallery2 engine because you can still add comments and vote on the content. (Wich really isn’t needed for Manga). Due to this change, expect MAJOR updates to the collection.

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