Hello world… again -_-

Please Wait the site will be up again soon…..

A code failure has resulted from moving the site from one server to another and another and so on and so forth. This has resulted with me having to scrap the old site completely and starting fresh. This may take another day or two so hold tight.

I have also aquired the use of CustomPC.ca to go with a Buisness I now own by the same name. The site will be a technology blog that’ll also advertise sales for the computer store I own. Also as a result of this, ClintIsAGeek.com and CustomPC.ca will be linked to KillerOtakuRobots.com mostly as the main Advertisers, but also CustomPC will be providing equipment and storage for K.O.R. to assit with our filming efforts. In the end I’m really just helping myself by using equipment in my store, and actully planning time in my busy work scedual to work on K.O.R. and maybe actully get some episodes done. But at the least I’ll start posting more.

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