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Whoo Fallout 3!! Yeah, that’s the only reason. yep Fallout 3….

Well simply no, we did not choose the theme JUST because of Fallout 3. First off I’m not completely pleased with what they did with that game, and second I’m not silly enough to base a theme off of JUST that!

What the Fallout series reminds us of is that sweet and warm dream that we all have in our hearts, that fantasy where the world and everything in it has been NUKED a-fucking-sunder and that because of that all laws and society have been thrown out the window.

This creates a Post Apocalyptic type scenario that several stories both fantasy and fiction come from. Stories such as Rifts, Macross, Scrapped Princess, many Gundam and even Final Fantasy stories were based off of this concept. Even Hollywood has taken it’s fare share out of this idea with movies like Mad Max, the Matrix, 12 Monkeys, Dune, Planet of the Apes, hell I could go on forever here!

Even the bible has it’s apocalypse tale, and many religions Pray for such a thing to occur. Many people believe these END TIMES will be a sort of rebirth, a restructuring of our society into something more holy. The Christians believe Jesus will come again and take all the Christians away to heaven as the other are left behind to suffer; the Norse religion has a all out brawl between the gods; the Mayans predict a series of natural disasters (i.e. earthquakes, volcanoes, floods etc.); And the Buddhists believe that the world as we know it, will be destroyed by our lack of morals (the most likely I.M.O.). Read the rest of this entry »

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Theme of the month.

One thing that we at Killer Otaku do (well mostly me) is have themes for the month. We use these themes for movie n video game choices and even Table Top RPG campaigns. I had always planed on having a small section of the site dedicated to this and have a few funny clips or something there.

Well anyways for us last month was Politics Month with the Canadian election and the last month of debates with the American election (THANK GOD Mc Cain didn’t win), but this month all of us here seem to be finding ourselves doing something different, playing Fallout 3. Therefore we have voted to make this months theme APOCALYPSE MONTH. We will make it a point to post a few topics based upon this theme, and maybe I’ll even change the sites layout or something…

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