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Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade!!!

An important thing to note that recently I have found my site to be completely 100% BUG FREE!!! Hurrah!

And you all know what that means, just as in operating systems (XP -> Vista), IT’S UPGRADE TIME!!

There have been a number of security fixes and more importantly Feature additions that have come together recently and In order to implement these it means I’ll have to do an entire overhaul of the site’s engine (basically means I’m making a new site). Since I’m not too confident in the current site for how it was put together (mainly how the Forum directory is mis spelt fourm), and how google fails too see several sections of my site without crashing it, This will be a welcome change and hopefully there will be a decent speed improvement.

Also I have come to realize my current backup system doesn’t work… so I’m gonna have to work together a second system until I have enough money to buy a good one.
So the next durring the next day or two there is a good chance no new forum posts will saved.

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KOR Vidcast SECOND ep

OK Last year was overall a failure for the Vidcast, I could go on and on with excuses, but in the end it was my fault. So this year I will try again!!

I’m hosting a panel this year at Animethon 15 and I hope many will show up. I am working on a plan of attack on what to show at the panel, And it will remain a secret too all. Anyone that shows up beware cause You WILL be filmed, as I plan to sit in the audience throughout the episode.
The Room is 8-207 and the filming will take place between 7:30pm-9:00pm on Sat. August 9th

So yes, I hope as many show up to the panel as possible to make it all the more fun.

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Sharon Apple, From Sci-Fi to reality.

OK While looking up the artist that did this odd, yet catchy song from last week, I discovered something…
IT WAS A ROBOT!!! The voice actress Hatsune Miku is nothing more than a AI designed by Yamaha’s synth lab. Wow! The reality of there being a Sharron Apple type Artificial Voice actress is here… To bad Miku kinda sounds like crap. BUT This is mealy the beginning. 5 years from now and we won’t be able to tell the difference. So… does this mean Japanese Techno will get better or worse???
OMG S.R.W. game music will DEFINITELY get worse!

Here’s a few vids I sorted through that didn’t completely suck…
vid 1 the source of the vid above
vid 2 the song on the dancing MP3 player
vid 3 lol totoro

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Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars!!!

One night a few weeks ago I started a random conversations with a few guys in a Humpty’s over a Crane Game there and how to actually win something on it (I used info from an ep of Systm), then we started talking about Anime and then YouTube, and eventually this vid came up. Since it made me ROTFL I figured I’d share it with all of you.

Vid ripped from here

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Pork n Beans Weezer

Yeah I know it’s been three months since it was released and that’s like years in Internet time, but I still have a bunch of friends that haven’t seen this yet, so here you go.

Vid D’led from here

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So yes Happy 22nd Birthday Jared, I hope this counts as a present, cause then I don’t have to buy anything for you. Plus Photoshop is Hard.

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Top Gear crashes England's only Nissan GT-R press car

OK I had to add this since I added a clip where this was in a week ago.

“Top Gear has had its fair share of mishaps. There was that time the Stig took the Koenigsegg CCX on an off-track excursion, and of course Hammond’s horrific crash in the jet dragster. The latest incident involves the one and only Nissan GT-R press car in Great Britain. Apparently it was involved in a fender bender in the Isle of Man after a photoshoot for Top Gear magazine. It seems that the GT-R wasn’t damaged too badly, despite the pic of its naked arse above, and the same exact car ran up the hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed only a couple days later.”

[From AutoBlog]

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Ok this Rolly thingy is cool!

Walking by the sony store I noticed that the Rolly is now availible in Canada. I figured I’d share what this thing is to my fellow Canadians, it’s basically a Haro-like Robot that dances to MP3s. Too bad the price for this sucker is $399.99; else I might actully of bought the sucker. Still though, for $400 it’s not that bad, If I was a robotics enthusiast I would probably consider this quite a bargin.

I got these videos from Youtube, and as always there IPod compatible.

Video 1
Video 2

Click here to download I-Pod version

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World Destruction ep1

I like this anime so far, 8/10 good first ep.

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Captain Harlock is Badass!

As a first ep I give it a 8/10 but mostly for the song in the begining. Remember that this anime is from the seventies back in the age were several things were still alien to the Japanese like animation quality, and the ability to not be tacky as FUCK! But all anime were like this so remember that as you watch it. I doubt this will ever get licenced so enjoy.

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