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Updated Site

I recently went through and changed a few lines of code in the K.O.R. site and made it use allot of the same code as the new Clint Is A Geek site. Here are some of the new features…

  • RSS Feed updates: I changed around the feed for the main site and added full RSS support for the forums like custom feeds and the such.
  • Replace the outdated main menu with a list of recent forum posts.
  • Fixed a few of the errors in the CSS style sheet. Which lets me add neat formating tricks like tables n lists such.
  • Developed a full automatic backup system in case Dreamhost goes down again.
  • More Google Integration like G-Mail addresses and Google Calender.

The Clint is a Geek site is back, I’ve decided to make it a bit of a news site. It’s mainly a glorified RSS feed reader, I have a large collection of feeds on google reader that I like, so I figured that other people would like them too. And I also got it to strip a few articles off of CBC and the Edmonton Journal sites.

One note that I wanted to add however, is that this site will now only be focused on Anime, Video Games, and general nerdom. Most of the techie stuff will only be on the Clint Is A Geek site.

This does not affect the fourms though, because both sites will use the same forum. This way the two sites will not compete with each other and we will be less likely to alienate either our techie fan base or our anime fanbase. With this thought in mind I belive the Vidcast will be the same way. I might start a new vidcast purely about tech (called Clint is a Geek probably), and keep Killer Otaku Robots Otaku based.

*EDIT: Screw that! That last idea I said was totally wrong, The latest stats say the general public likes KOR to talk bout tech stuff as well. So KOR will continue to have a slight technology focus. Well the Idea IS to have a site for the otaku of every kind, I guess techie Otaku counts in that as well. EDIT*

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Facebook plugin for PIDGIN!!

pidgin-facebook-chat.pngWoot! Now I don’t have to browse FaceSUCK in order to chat with my many friends who don’t use msn!! here’s the Pidgin plugin for Facebook Chat

This plugin is free and works with any version of Pidgin regardless of OS

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OK apparently some sites and forums have credited me for making this vid. I would just like to say that no I did not make this vid. (frankly I wish I was that good at drawing) I got it from Youtube and thought I should back it up to my site in case youtube decides to delete it for some unknown reason (which they did) above is the youtube version which is where I ripped this from.

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