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That's right! No bullshittin, it's Episode 1!!

Happy birthday to me!!

Episode one is a Anime review about Gurren Lagann

As a result of a few factors (mostly the episodes I’ve been working on being full of crap) I have decided to cancel our plans to have KOR episodes be around 20 minutes. I will still continue this project of course, but by myself and only as small clips and bits here and there. Most of this will take the place of how-to segments, and the occasional Anime review.

Below is the same vid from Youtube in normal flv format

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OMG Dell Edmonton closes!!

After three years Dell abandons Edmonton. As a former employee I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about this…

CTV had this Video link on the subject…

Dell had this note in their news feed…

“Edmonton, Alberta, January 31, 2008

Dell will close its Edmonton Customer Contact Centre this spring as part of company-wide efforts to increase the efficiency of its business, improve performance and provide better value for customers. This is consistent with Dell’s broader business strategy announced earlier last year to reduce headcount and streamline operations. More than 900 employees will be affected and offered other jobs within Dell or severance and career placement services. Customer support will be consolidated in other existing Dell locations.

“Differentiating Dell through superior service and support remains one of the company’s primary strategic priorities and we appreciate the role our talented Edmonton team has played in this effort,” said Dave Vanden Bosch, Dell Edmonton site leader. “This has been a difficult decision. We have a good team of people, and will do all we can to help them and our community partners through this transition.”

Dell opened its customer contact centre in Edmonton in 2004, providing support for customers throughout North America. During this time, Edmonton piloted a number of advanced tools for delivering superior customer service that are now deployed across its global network.

Dell has about 25 contact centres worldwide to support customers anytime, anywhere. The company has opened customer contact centres in Ottawa, as well as in Germany, India, Philippines, Scotland and the United States in the last few years. To learn more about Dell in Canada, visit”

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