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Wallpaper And Manga Done

It took allot longer than I thought but the wallpaper and manga sections are back up 100% and seem stable. It’s too bad but still I just couldn’t manage to get gallery to work for this, so I will abandon it again for a while.

Next up is the AMV and KOR Episode sections. (also using Gallery2 so who knows the problems with this). After those sections everything is pretty much done for the upgrade.

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Manga and Wallpaper Sections Under Construction

These sections should be up by tomorrow, earlier if all goes well.

I also included a new technology called lightbox which should make reading Manga ALLOT easier.

All the user databases are now synchronized so you don’t have to register twice access the gallery, however I couldn’t get it to properly accept the theme so I’ll keep the theme’s separate for now.

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Upgrade Complete …kinda

OK I moved everything over to the new CMS engine and upgraded the forums to phpBB3.

There’s a few new features, like the ability to have your own blog, friend or foe, as well as the fact that this engine is faster.
Next on the list is the galleries, I’m gonna move them over to the new version of Gallery2.
I’ve also sent out a e-mail to my host to remove the block on Google’s bots so that the site’s search engine’ll work.
After this I’ll be modding the forum to add new features.

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It's Upgrade time!! it's Upgrade time!!

I am announcing that within the next week I will be upgrading to a new site rendering engine. Clint is a geek, version 4.0. It will take me a while to mess through a bunch of php mysql code and what not but most importantly transfer over the forums and the users. Worst case scenario is that everyone will have to re-register. Considering I’m pretty much the only one who uses this site, I figure that’s no big deal. Next step after this is to post a few more videos and then start the advertising campaign again.

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It's the end of the K.O.R. as we know it! But I feel fine.

I have come to the conclusion that K.O.R. episode one will be canceled and any further developments of this project will be postponed indefinitely. It has been a battle to even get this far and I’ve lost my place and my job and the last of my money, all of this to get that episode done. and when it was JUST about there it was deleted in another hard drive failure. I will still continue this project but by myself and only as small clips and bits here and there. Most of this will take the place of how-to segments. As no one outside of our group has liked or could even remember the name Killer Otaku Robots, it will be changed back to Clint is a geek, untill a better name is found.

I will add this note however, I will not let this site die quietly in the night, I will do anything I can to improve upon it. This is just another stumble. My next goal is to actually make a profit off the site or at least to break even, if this goal is not reached by next year this site will be gone. That I will guarantee.

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