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A light of information shines upon thow Clint your internet hath been restored.

And so the internets hath returneth to the household and all was well. Kor episode one will come out even if I have to make it with a pair of sticks and a fucking elastic band!!

So yeah I was without Internet for a little over a month and the server decided to go emo on it’s self and started cutting away at all the files so I had to reformat and such.

Then Jared started his new job and our schedules never match up so I’m without a co host…

anyways, obstacle after obstacle is popping up in front of me to stop me from making this dam video. BUT I WILL PERSEVERE!! It was half done, but thanks to Mr Emo Server it’s only 25% done.

I will finish it though….

Anyways… Anyone want to be the co-host?


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