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Now announcing the first episode of Killer Otaku Robots is Half done!!! There will be two versions of all this, the flash version and the xvid version.

I will be posting the G Unleashed panel,
a Compilation of the 3 404 performances
as well as Iron Cosplay, the battles from Cosplay Chess and the Animethon Dance.

We will also be showing a overall compilation of the entire event as well as the a few reviews in a first show of Killer Otaku Robots!!!

I should be done all this in a week or two it’s allot though so please be patient.

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K.O.R. Goes to Animethon 14!!!

A big hello to our new users and viewers, and thank you to all those that signed our sign at the Animethon Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you haven't signed up yet please do, we would like to have more of a user base in our presently empty forums. Go to the introduction forum to introduce yourself and if there are any problems with the site please make sure that we know by posting it in the what should change section.

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Dalek! Dalek! Truck?

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My works new project. Beat the fuck outta Windows Vista

my work, ( is having a back to school special soon were we are selling pc at $399. We are cutting out windows to save $$$ But the customer will need an operating system to use!! So we are going with Ubuntu as our free operating system of choice. I’m adding some special effects and this is some of the cool stuff that you can do with Ubuntu and Beryl.

I didn’t make this video someone else did, but the systems at work look very similar to this. You don’t even need that high end of hardware to do this. Recommended requirements are 2.3ghz a gfx accelerated 3d card with 128mb ram and 512mb of system ram. Take that Microsux!!

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