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Ask a Ninja was on Mythbusters??

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LOL Marvel vs DC

This is the best ep of’s a link to all the others…

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Wallpaper Section is back up!!

OK I added the wallpaper section again, beware for it will be slow at first but the more it's used the faster it'll be because it won't have to resize as many pics.Also this collection is VERY POORLY organized, there;s just too many damn pics and not enough time.

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This ends now

Ok people i deleted flamming david and will now become an active mod on this site. i am sick of all you acting like 5 year olds Wes. Dave. if you have a problem with eachother take it to im’s or msn or email we dont need that shit in here its getting ridicoulus all name calling and arguments to this effect will be deleted and if it doesnt stop you will be given three warning and then I will ban you i have been given permission by clint to do this. this goes for everybody and the final decision will be made by me and clint we want this site to get big and you are not helping

oh and for a month we are having a zero tolerance rule on flaming to let you guys calm down
thank you

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2000 Unique HITS!!!!

WOOT!!! 2000 hits!!!My site is slightly more known in the wide world of the web.


also please feel free to ask me to add anything you want.

.whoops, the pic doesn't work...

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RIP Cody Lawrence T_T

Once June 5th Cody died of a bike accident due to severe head trauma. His girlfriend however only suffered minor injuries.

I have known him for a while I suppose. Some times we were friends, sometimes nothing but annoyances to each other, But hell he’s the one who taught us all (80% of the site) to RP. He was our first Rifts GM. He wasn’t the greatest at it, and hell half the time he was a dick! I’ve talked to him now and then online. But it almost is a shame that we for the most part stopped talking to each other, a part of me wishes that we could have been better friends.

One thing I can definitely say about him is that he lived without regret, He made a point in his live to have fun (hell the most serious pick of him I could find was him pretending a tree was his penis!), Cody definitely defined the term of the “Cool Geek”.

Rest In Peace man, rest in peace.

Cody's ego
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