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Hello world… again -_-

Please Wait the site will be up again soon…..

A code failure has resulted from moving the site from one server to another and another and so on and so forth. This has resulted with me having to scrap the old site completely and starting fresh. This may take another day or two so hold tight.

I have also aquired the use of to go with a Buisness I now own by the same name. The site will be a technology blog that’ll also advertise sales for the computer store I own. Also as a result of this, and will be linked to mostly as the main Advertisers, but also CustomPC will be providing equipment and storage for K.O.R. to assit with our filming efforts. In the end I’m really just helping myself by using equipment in my store, and actully planning time in my busy work scedual to work on K.O.R. and maybe actully get some episodes done. But at the least I’ll start posting more.

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Ok…. this scares me a little

New virus hitting china raising alarms.

Yesterday morning in Beijing several people were brought into the Beijing United Family Hospital reportedly dead on arrival.  Though the cause of the deaths were not initially known it was believed to be yet another new virus.

Within hours of the bodies arriving at the hospital there was a commotion at thye hospital and many people came running out, screaming of people killing the doctors and other patients.  Dr. Zhi-Rong Teng told reporters that the commotion started in the morgue and he had heard screams coming from there just before one of the supposedly dead patients came through the door blood dripping from his mouth.

Precious little has been learned since that small amount of information as the Chinese military showed up only half an hour after the first instance of violence occured.  Gun fire and screams could be heard as all reporters and civilians were turned away and warned to stay away and even phones were taken away to prevent any pictures from leaving the scene.

Similar scenes happened at the Beijing International Medical Centre, Xinjiang EMS Center, Shandong Qianfoushan Hospital, and Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital as well as grisly reports of people that have been ripped apart that may be connected.  Information of any kind has seemed to be impossible to get as the chinese goverment has gone far our of the way to put a information blackout on the newest and potentially deadliest of virus outbreaks in china.



So yes Happy 22nd Birthday Jared, I hope this counts as a present, cause then I don’t have to buy anything for you. Plus Photoshop is Hard.

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Updated Site

I recently went through and changed a few lines of code in the K.O.R. site and made it use allot of the same code as the new Clint Is A Geek site. Here are some of the new features…

  • RSS Feed updates: I changed around the feed for the main site and added full RSS support for the forums like custom feeds and the such.
  • Replace the outdated main menu with a list of recent forum posts.
  • Fixed a few of the errors in the CSS style sheet. Which lets me add neat formating tricks like tables n lists such.
  • Developed a full automatic backup system in case Dreamhost goes down again.
  • More Google Integration like G-Mail addresses and Google Calender.

The Clint is a Geek site is back, I’ve decided to make it a bit of a news site. It’s mainly a glorified RSS feed reader, I have a large collection of feeds on google reader that I like, so I figured that other people would like them too. And I also got it to strip a few articles off of CBC and the Edmonton Journal sites.

One note that I wanted to add however, is that this site will now only be focused on Anime, Video Games, and general nerdom. Most of the techie stuff will only be on the Clint Is A Geek site.

This does not affect the fourms though, because both sites will use the same forum. This way the two sites will not compete with each other and we will be less likely to alienate either our techie fan base or our anime fanbase. With this thought in mind I belive the Vidcast will be the same way. I might start a new vidcast purely about tech (called Clint is a Geek probably), and keep Killer Otaku Robots Otaku based.

*EDIT: Screw that! That last idea I said was totally wrong, The latest stats say the general public likes KOR to talk bout tech stuff as well. So KOR will continue to have a slight technology focus. Well the Idea IS to have a site for the otaku of every kind, I guess techie Otaku counts in that as well. EDIT*

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KOR Football

Robot Football (not soccer) I came across this and thought it’d be a cool thing to post.
It’s kinda like Battlebots but for Football. I’ve allready seen the soccer version of this but this but I still find this stuff cool.

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The Ultimate Mentos Record!!

On Wednesday, 1360 Belgian students inserted Mentos into Diet Coke bottles in Ladeuzeplein Square, breaking what must be one of the world’s coolest and strangest records.

Two videos below are HQ rips from youtube. (IPod Friendly)

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Hardy Heron IS OUT!! Ubuntu 8.04

Woot the new version out, and with it are a few cool features., most importantly the Gnome Virtual File System and the NTFS extension for the boot loader.
What does this mean you ask. well…

1. The GVFS makes using windows file shares just as easy as it is in windows.

2. the new bootloader allows you to boot linux FROM YOUR WINDOWS DRIVE WITHOUT HAVING TO REFORMAT OR PARTITION A THING!!!!
It saves all of ubuntu to a few files on your c: drive. Fucking Hard Drive Emulation!!

Here are a few more vids I pulled from YouTube..
(once again you need the latest version of Flash for these)

this one shows how you can take advantage of the VM optimizations to do some neat things like run windows seamlessly in linux.

and these are just cool effects

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Wallpaper And Manga Done

It took allot longer than I thought but the wallpaper and manga sections are back up 100% and seem stable. It’s too bad but still I just couldn’t manage to get gallery to work for this, so I will abandon it again for a while.

Next up is the AMV and KOR Episode sections. (also using Gallery2 so who knows the problems with this). After those sections everything is pretty much done for the upgrade.

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Manga and Wallpaper Sections Under Construction

These sections should be up by tomorrow, earlier if all goes well.

I also included a new technology called lightbox which should make reading Manga ALLOT easier.

All the user databases are now synchronized so you don’t have to register twice access the gallery, however I couldn’t get it to properly accept the theme so I’ll keep the theme’s separate for now.

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Upgrade Complete …kinda

OK I moved everything over to the new CMS engine and upgraded the forums to phpBB3.

There’s a few new features, like the ability to have your own blog, friend or foe, as well as the fact that this engine is faster.
Next on the list is the galleries, I’m gonna move them over to the new version of Gallery2.
I’ve also sent out a e-mail to my host to remove the block on Google’s bots so that the site’s search engine’ll work.
After this I’ll be modding the forum to add new features.

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