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The Real Killer Otaku Robots Episode One

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K.O.R. Ep ONE iPod 640×480 Version
K.O.R. Ep ONE High Quality Version

Yep, it’s finally here. Episode one. It’s late, I’m tired, and after three LONG days of encoding (well more swearing at a P.O.C. program as it crashes for the millionth time), the episode is finally done.
that last ep 1 didn’t count. neither did the one before that. hell this one probably won’t count a year from now but I DON’T CARE!!!

This episode we went to Animethon 16 and Fragaplooza 2009 which so happened to be on at the same time in two different cities (well kinda). We still found a way to go to both. Here we talk about our exploits in this grandiose adventure.

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Mac's Can Get Viruses too!!!

This is another post off of The How To Geek that I believe should be shared with everyone…

“We’ve all seen the Mac vs PC ads mocking us, claiming that Macs never get viruses. If that were true, there wouldn’t be a botnet of infected Macs completely controlled by unknown hackers.

Sick Mac Computer

Botnet? Infected Macs? What?

Security researchers at Symantec recently discovered a group of thousands of Mac OS X computers infected with a Trojan horse application embedded in pirated copies of iWork 09.

The infected users had installed the software without scanning it for viruses, no doubt in part because of Apple’s commercials implying that Mac users don’t need to worry about security.

Once the hacker managed to get his malware installed on these zombie Mac computers, the entire group was fully under his control – and he began to use them to attack web sites, but they could be used for other, more nefarious purposes: like sending spam!
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Bad Windows Tweaks

This was an awesone blog from Lifehacker’s How-To Geek, and I thought I should share with you guys…

As a tech writer, one of my biggest pet peeves is the plethora of bad advice littered across almost every web site dedicated to system tweaking. Besides the tweaks that simply don’t work, some of them will actually cause your computer to run even slower—or worse. Let’s examine some of the most offensive myths out there regarding PC performance tweaking, and debunk them once and for all.

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Sharon Apple, From Sci-Fi to reality.

OK While looking up the artist that did this odd, yet catchy song from last week, I discovered something…
IT WAS A ROBOT!!! The voice actress Hatsune Miku is nothing more than a AI designed by Yamaha’s synth lab. Wow! The reality of there being a Sharron Apple type Artificial Voice actress is here… To bad Miku kinda sounds like crap. BUT This is mealy the beginning. 5 years from now and we won’t be able to tell the difference. So… does this mean Japanese Techno will get better or worse???
OMG S.R.W. game music will DEFINITELY get worse!

Here’s a few vids I sorted through that didn’t completely suck…
vid 1 the source of the vid above
vid 2 the song on the dancing MP3 player
vid 3 lol totoro

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Facebook plugin for PIDGIN!!

pidgin-facebook-chat.pngWoot! Now I don’t have to browse FaceSUCK in order to chat with my many friends who don’t use msn!! here’s the Pidgin plugin for Facebook Chat

This plugin is free and works with any version of Pidgin regardless of OS

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LOL Cheep RAID for Notebooks

I know it’s kinda cheating but regardless it’s an awesome solution (if only I could rig this up to work with my PSP)

Using this device (2 card on top one on the bottom) you can set up 3 Compact flash drives as a standard 2.5″ SATA hard drive and use it for your laptop. They also claim this device even supports RAID 5!! Considering how expensive a conventional SSD this is a wicked alternative.

[Via Akihabara News]

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