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The Real Killer Otaku Robots Episode One

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K.O.R. Ep ONE iPod 640×480 Version
K.O.R. Ep ONE High Quality Version

Yep, it’s finally here. Episode one. It’s late, I’m tired, and after three LONG days of encoding (well more swearing at a P.O.C. program as it crashes for the millionth time), the episode is finally done.
that last ep 1 didn’t count. neither did the one before that. hell this one probably won’t count a year from now but I DON’T CARE!!!

This episode we went to Animethon 16 and Fragaplooza 2009 which so happened to be on at the same time in two different cities (well kinda). We still found a way to go to both. Here we talk about our exploits in this grandiose adventure.

Click below to see the show notes… (unless you’re viewing the full article… then ignore this) Read the rest of this entry »


Fraganimeloozathon CustomPC K.O.R. Ep 1 comming soon

yes yes that is a massively long title.

I, Jared and David has just finished a mammoth task of filming and participating in 4 of probably the most exhausting days of my life; We traveled far (for us anyways) and rocked hard!! I and my friends went to both Fragapalooza 2009 AND Animethon 16, and soon I will post an episode about it!!

The show will now officially have a one month schedule, and we went the extra mile for the first ep. So stay tuned everyone. The episode should be done in about a week and a half.


Theme of the month.

One thing that we at Killer Otaku do (well mostly me) is have themes for the month. We use these themes for movie n video game choices and even Table Top RPG campaigns. I had always planed on having a small section of the site dedicated to this and have a few funny clips or something there.

Well anyways for us last month was Politics Month with the Canadian election and the last month of debates with the American election (THANK GOD Mc Cain didn’t win), but this month all of us here seem to be finding ourselves doing something different, playing Fallout 3. Therefore we have voted to make this months theme APOCALYPSE MONTH. We will make it a point to post a few topics based upon this theme, and maybe I’ll even change the sites layout or something…

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Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade!!!

An important thing to note that recently I have found my site to be completely 100% BUG FREE!!! Hurrah!

And you all know what that means, just as in operating systems (XP -> Vista), IT’S UPGRADE TIME!!

There have been a number of security fixes and more importantly Feature additions that have come together recently and In order to implement these it means I’ll have to do an entire overhaul of the site’s engine (basically means I’m making a new site). Since I’m not too confident in the current site for how it was put together (mainly how the Forum directory is mis spelt fourm), and how google fails too see several sections of my site without crashing it, This will be a welcome change and hopefully there will be a decent speed improvement.

Also I have come to realize my current backup system doesn’t work… so I’m gonna have to work together a second system until I have enough money to buy a good one.
So the next durring the next day or two there is a good chance no new forum posts will saved.

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KOR Vidcast SECOND ep

OK Last year was overall a failure for the Vidcast, I could go on and on with excuses, but in the end it was my fault. So this year I will try again!!

I’m hosting a panel this year at Animethon 15 and I hope many will show up. I am working on a plan of attack on what to show at the panel, And it will remain a secret too all. Anyone that shows up beware cause You WILL be filmed, as I plan to sit in the audience throughout the episode.
The Room is 8-207 and the filming will take place between 7:30pm-9:00pm on Sat. August 9th

So yes, I hope as many show up to the panel as possible to make it all the more fun.

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We're trying out a new feature for the site, K.O.R. Theatre

In the K.O.R. Theatre I will be posting any of the unlicensed anime I have decided is interesting enough.

These will be IPod and Flash v9 compatible. (maybe PSP compatible soon too).

This’ll be up tomorrow in the K.O.R. Theater section.

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Hardy Heron IS OUT!! Ubuntu 8.04

Woot the new version out, and with it are a few cool features., most importantly the Gnome Virtual File System and the NTFS extension for the boot loader.
What does this mean you ask. well…

1. The GVFS makes using windows file shares just as easy as it is in windows.

2. the new bootloader allows you to boot linux FROM YOUR WINDOWS DRIVE WITHOUT HAVING TO REFORMAT OR PARTITION A THING!!!!
It saves all of ubuntu to a few files on your c: drive. Fucking Hard Drive Emulation!!

Here are a few more vids I pulled from YouTube..
(once again you need the latest version of Flash for these)

this one shows how you can take advantage of the VM optimizations to do some neat things like run windows seamlessly in linux.

and these are just cool effects

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Upgrade was successful, Hurray!

Okay. Now the webiste has been upgraded and your passwords will be much more secure.

Why, you ask? Because security was the main point of the latest WordPress Update, Also there is a pretty gallery feature that I don’t need (I use zenphoto).

However since all the passwords were changed to a new format it may have corrupted the old passwords (it at least did for mine). If you get a 505 error, with a cat saying ok try it now, OR if it just doesn’t accept your password for some reason, Please use the I forgot my password feature to get a new one. I’m sorry about the inconvenience but such things are the stepping stones of progress.

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Updates. KOR will be offline.

tomorrow the site will be down for upgrades. (maybe the a few features will be added too) I’d do it today but it’s gonna take a while to get a complete backup of the site done (I already have a few backups but they’re very out of date). The upgrade will move wordpress into the new version 2.5. I’m doing a backup just to make sure that if it breaks the forums I can easily go back to the old version.

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