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OK apparently some sites and forums have credited me for making this vid. I would just like to say that no I did not make this vid. (frankly I wish I was that good at drawing) I got it from Youtube and thought I should back it up to my site in case youtube decides to delete it for some unknown reason (which they did) above is the youtube version which is where I ripped this from.

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KOR Football

Robot Football (not soccer) I came across this and thought it’d be a cool thing to post.
It’s kinda like Battlebots but for Football. I’ve allready seen the soccer version of this but this but I still find this stuff cool.

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The Ultimate Mentos Record!!

On Wednesday, 1360 Belgian students inserted Mentos into Diet Coke bottles in Ladeuzeplein Square, breaking what must be one of the world’s coolest and strangest records.

Two videos below are HQ rips from youtube. (IPod Friendly)

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Hardy Heron IS OUT!! Ubuntu 8.04

Woot the new version out, and with it are a few cool features., most importantly the Gnome Virtual File System and the NTFS extension for the boot loader.
What does this mean you ask. well…

1. The GVFS makes using windows file shares just as easy as it is in windows.

2. the new bootloader allows you to boot linux FROM YOUR WINDOWS DRIVE WITHOUT HAVING TO REFORMAT OR PARTITION A THING!!!!
It saves all of ubuntu to a few files on your c: drive. Fucking Hard Drive Emulation!!

Here are a few more vids I pulled from YouTube..
(once again you need the latest version of Flash for these)

this one shows how you can take advantage of the VM optimizations to do some neat things like run windows seamlessly in linux.

and these are just cool effects

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Sorry bout the wait… KOR ep 1 coming soon (Next week??)

Ok, I know I said it’d be done by now. Shit at work came up and life, n… OK OK well mostly it was Sword of the New World the free MMORPG I was playing. Anyway, here’s a little video I found on youtube that I found that I just thought you’d enjoy.

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Dalek! Dalek! Truck?

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My works new project. Beat the fuck outta Windows Vista

my work, ( is having a back to school special soon were we are selling pc at $399. We are cutting out windows to save $$$ But the customer will need an operating system to use!! So we are going with Ubuntu as our free operating system of choice. I’m adding some special effects and this is some of the cool stuff that you can do with Ubuntu and Beryl.

I didn’t make this video someone else did, but the systems at work look very similar to this. You don’t even need that high end of hardware to do this. Recommended requirements are 2.3ghz a gfx accelerated 3d card with 128mb ram and 512mb of system ram. Take that Microsux!!

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Ask a Ninja was on Mythbusters??

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LOL Marvel vs DC

This is the best ep of’s a link to all the others…

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