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Ask A Ninja is awesome

iPod Version

Just posting probably the most popular subject durring the panel at the Animethon, Ask A Ninja, here’s the link where I got it from…

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Zelda The MOVIE

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iPod Version | WMV Version | HD Version

I can’t believe I missed this on April fools, (I also can’t believe I actually thought this was real for a sec there). Either way, I thought this was worth a lol so enjoy.

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Machine Girl

This movie is fucking ridiculous…. seriously, WTF?

Although the next vid I’m gonna post is at least just as ridiculous.

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Star Wars: 1337

I know it’s an old vid, but it’s one of the several vids I showed at the panel that everyone seemed to enjoy, and since it’s not on the site yet… well, here ya go!

Vid ripped in iPod format from here

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Street Fighter: The Later Years

Jared showed me this video a few days before the Animethon and since it was pretty funny, I figured I’d share it with you all.

CollegeHumorTV looks into the lives of the Street Fighter combatants, 10 years later…

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Sharon Apple, From Sci-Fi to reality.

OK While looking up the artist that did this odd, yet catchy song from last week, I discovered something…
IT WAS A ROBOT!!! The voice actress Hatsune Miku is nothing more than a AI designed by Yamaha’s synth lab. Wow! The reality of there being a Sharron Apple type Artificial Voice actress is here… To bad Miku kinda sounds like crap. BUT This is mealy the beginning. 5 years from now and we won’t be able to tell the difference. So… does this mean Japanese Techno will get better or worse???
OMG S.R.W. game music will DEFINITELY get worse!

Here’s a few vids I sorted through that didn’t completely suck…
vid 1 the source of the vid above
vid 2 the song on the dancing MP3 player
vid 3 lol totoro

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Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars!!!

One night a few weeks ago I started a random conversations with a few guys in a Humpty’s over a Crane Game there and how to actually win something on it (I used info from an ep of Systm), then we started talking about Anime and then YouTube, and eventually this vid came up. Since it made me ROTFL I figured I’d share it with all of you.

Vid ripped from here

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Pork n Beans Weezer

Yeah I know it’s been three months since it was released and that’s like years in Internet time, but I still have a bunch of friends that haven’t seen this yet, so here you go.

Vid D’led from here

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Ok this Rolly thingy is cool!

Walking by the sony store I noticed that the Rolly is now availible in Canada. I figured I’d share what this thing is to my fellow Canadians, it’s basically a Haro-like Robot that dances to MP3s. Too bad the price for this sucker is $399.99; else I might actully of bought the sucker. Still though, for $400 it’s not that bad, If I was a robotics enthusiast I would probably consider this quite a bargin.

I got these videos from Youtube, and as always there IPod compatible.

Video 1
Video 2

Click here to download I-Pod version

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Top Gear goes to Japan

The best car show ever visits Japan. The challenge is to see if the new Nissan GTR can beat the world’s most efficient Transit system in a race across the country. However there’s a catch, no one on the show knows Japanese.

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