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Dragon Ball Kai

    It’s Nostalgia Goggles time!!

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Dragonball Z has been shortened and re-released onto Japanese Television screens as a new Anime named Dragonball Kai. With this repackaging of an old classic, they indeed turned down the suck, and turned up the win! However Even though they cut out the fat (or constipation as some would call it), nothing really important happens till ep3, so that’s the one I posted here. This one is a Must Download, even if you hated the series before I recommend you give this new series a try.


Gosei Sentai Dairainger ep01

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90% of why I like this show is because of the song in the beginning.
still though it’s the best super sentai I’ve ever watched, as it actually has hints to a real plot!!
8/10 is what I give this for a first ep. Also, this is what power rangers season 2 was based off of many years later.

This was also a pain in the ass to d/l, so be grateful dammit!


Captain Harlock is Badass!

As a first ep I give it a 8/10 but mostly for the song in the begining. Remember that this anime is from the seventies back in the age were several things were still alien to the Japanese like animation quality, and the ability to not be tacky as FUCK! But all anime were like this so remember that as you watch it. I doubt this will ever get licenced so enjoy.

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