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Dragon Ball Kai

    It’s Nostalgia Goggles time!!

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Dragonball Z has been shortened and re-released onto Japanese Television screens as a new Anime named Dragonball Kai. With this repackaging of an old classic, they indeed turned down the suck, and turned up the win! However Even though they cut out the fat (or constipation as some would call it), nothing really important happens till ep3, so that’s the one I posted here. This one is a Must Download, even if you hated the series before I recommend you give this new series a try.


Macross: Ace Frontier for PSP

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Wholly crap! the PSP game I’ve always wished for is coming out in only a month!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG! (fanboy squeal). OK, ok I caught my breath…. it looks like there using the Gundam Battle Universe engine for this, which is a very good choice because this engine (and all of it’s predecessors) have gotten me through many a boring hour on the bus and at a relative’s house.

I am going to sum up the trailer here…
The game will have in game voices, it will include the Macross TV series, Macross Plus, Macross 7, and Macross Frontier. This game will also include a few extra mechas not shown in any of these series, This game will support WI-FI adhoc for up to 4 players as well as online support. Each mecha will be customizable, with the ability to upgrade stats and change the weapon load out. Much like Battle Universe it will include the ability to have a wingman help you out in most missions.

Also here’s one thing I will also note. Being Bandai, and also being that this game will be fucking amazing awesome! They will NEVER translate or export it over to North America. This is a habit of bandai for EVERY game that has used this engine. I don’t quite understand why they don’t export there GOOD games, they only tend to port the bad ones. No wonder the Japanese gaming industry isn’t doing quite as well, there focusing on bad tactical RPGS and Final Fanservice! Bandai have had alot of hits with action games, but almost NONE of them ever see the light of day over here. And it’s a damn shame.

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DragonSuck!!! The Hollywood motion picture!

Although the pictures REALLY hint that this movie is seriously going to blow giant DragonBalls, I still have a tiny hint of hope that this movie might actually turn out good. I know I’m probably the only one on the Internet that believes this, ok my good friend Mike believes this movie will be the greatest thing ever to come out since Speed Racer! but we kicked him off the net for being a Dubtard so he doesn’t count.

But remember a few years ago when we were all willing to bet our lives that that Micheal Bay was going to RUIN Transformers, and he didn’t the movie wasn’t that bad. I’m definitely not expecting anything great or good from this movie. I just have a small hope it won’t suck SO MUCH, that it causes a giant hurricane that wipes out half the United States!!!

WOW these pics are bad…..
[pics from Kotaku]


Gosei Sentai Dairainger ep01

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90% of why I like this show is because of the song in the beginning.
still though it’s the best super sentai I’ve ever watched, as it actually has hints to a real plot!!
8/10 is what I give this for a first ep. Also, this is what power rangers season 2 was based off of many years later.

This was also a pain in the ass to d/l, so be grateful dammit!


to LOVE ru ep01

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not bad, for a first ep I give it a 6/10, a much higher score than what I give on average for a harem anime.

I, being a sci-fi freak, decided to somewhat enjoy the first ep because of spaceyness and a super-inventor-nerdy-large-breasted-alien-princess-chick. I like nerdy chicks, so one thumb up. Maybe I’ll even watch the second episode.

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Engine Sentai Go-Onger! ep1

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ok it’s not anime, but it’s REALLY really close. If you think of it as anything but a super sentai you will surely be dissapointed, but I’d rather watch this than the Power Rangers any day!!

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World Destruction ep1

I like this anime so far, 8/10 good first ep.

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Captain Harlock is Badass!

As a first ep I give it a 8/10 but mostly for the song in the begining. Remember that this anime is from the seventies back in the age were several things were still alien to the Japanese like animation quality, and the ability to not be tacky as FUCK! But all anime were like this so remember that as you watch it. I doubt this will ever get licenced so enjoy.

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Slayers Revolution ep2

umm since I had to convert this video anyways (there are no good Fansubers for this), I decided to put a copy up here too.

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Daughter of Twenty-Faces ep1

As a first ep I give it a 6/10 but the rest of the series if much better. Replace Twenty-Faces with Lupin the Third and you get the genral feel of this show. Well… not exactly, Twenty Faces is Lupin, but without the funny.

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