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Brutal Legend, This Game looks F#(KING COOL!!

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This game is either gonna be a brutal failure, or a awesome legend! Either way though, It’ll ROCK your socks off!!
I can’t wait till it comes out to see.
Available Rocktober 13, 2009 for PS3 and XBox 360.

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World Destruction ep1

I like this anime so far, 8/10 good first ep.

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Captain Harlock is Badass!

As a first ep I give it a 8/10 but mostly for the song in the begining. Remember that this anime is from the seventies back in the age were several things were still alien to the Japanese like animation quality, and the ability to not be tacky as FUCK! But all anime were like this so remember that as you watch it. I doubt this will ever get licenced so enjoy.

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Slayers Revolution ep2

umm since I had to convert this video anyways (there are no good Fansubers for this), I decided to put a copy up here too.

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Daughter of Twenty-Faces ep1

As a first ep I give it a 6/10 but the rest of the series if much better. Replace Twenty-Faces with Lupin the Third and you get the genral feel of this show. Well… not exactly, Twenty Faces is Lupin, but without the funny.

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Top Gear goes to Japan

The best car show ever visits Japan. The challenge is to see if the new Nissan GTR can beat the world’s most efficient Transit system in a race across the country. However there’s a catch, no one on the show knows Japanese.

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Slayers Revolution ep1

Exactly the same as any other Slayers series, but it’s new I guess. So enjoy!

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Mnemosyne Ep1

WARNING!!! This Series is quite graphic and is DEFINITELY NSFW (not safe for work). This anime contains scenes of Violence, Death, more Death, sex, Lesbian Sex (no wait, I think that was the next episode), and all of those scenes have lots and lots of blood.

a rating? If you need a raiting to decide if you want to watch it, then read what I said before again and watch the damed episode!

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Rental Magica ep1

Another Anime I liked. I don’t think it’s licensed yet, so I’ll post it up here too.
As a first ep I give it a 9/10 as an Anime I give it a 7.

lol rocket powered broom.

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Spice and Wolf ep1

it would be better if it wasn’t as slow paced and girly but it was good anyways. Too bad though cause later in the series it suffers from a serious case of the BORING!!

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