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The Real Killer Otaku Robots Episode One

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K.O.R. Ep ONE iPod 640×480 Version
K.O.R. Ep ONE High Quality Version

Yep, it’s finally here. Episode one. It’s late, I’m tired, and after three LONG days of encoding (well more swearing at a P.O.C. program as it crashes for the millionth time), the episode is finally done.
that last ep 1 didn’t count. neither did the one before that. hell this one probably won’t count a year from now but I DON’T CARE!!!

This episode we went to Animethon 16 and Fragaplooza 2009 which so happened to be on at the same time in two different cities (well kinda). We still found a way to go to both. Here we talk about our exploits in this grandiose adventure.

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Fraganimeloozathon CustomPC K.O.R. Ep 1 comming soon

yes yes that is a massively long title.

I, Jared and David has just finished a mammoth task of filming and participating in 4 of probably the most exhausting days of my life; We traveled far (for us anyways) and rocked hard!! I and my friends went to both Fragapalooza 2009 AND Animethon 16, and soon I will post an episode about it!!

The show will now officially have a one month schedule, and we went the extra mile for the first ep. So stay tuned everyone. The episode should be done in about a week and a half.


KOR Vidcast SECOND ep

OK Last year was overall a failure for the Vidcast, I could go on and on with excuses, but in the end it was my fault. So this year I will try again!!

I’m hosting a panel this year at Animethon 15 and I hope many will show up. I am working on a plan of attack on what to show at the panel, And it will remain a secret too all. Anyone that shows up beware cause You WILL be filmed, as I plan to sit in the audience throughout the episode.
The Room is 8-207 and the filming will take place between 7:30pm-9:00pm on Sat. August 9th

So yes, I hope as many show up to the panel as possible to make it all the more fun.

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That's right! No bullshittin, it's Episode 1!!

Happy birthday to me!!

Episode one is a Anime review about Gurren Lagann

As a result of a few factors (mostly the episodes I’ve been working on being full of crap) I have decided to cancel our plans to have KOR episodes be around 20 minutes. I will still continue this project of course, but by myself and only as small clips and bits here and there. Most of this will take the place of how-to segments, and the occasional Anime review.

Below is the same vid from Youtube in normal flv format

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OMG Ep1 FINALLY!!!!! umm.. still no.

Well It’s not done yet but it’s REALLY REALLY close. It’s just that I moved and I don’t have a job to pay for INets so… T_T but this is what I have done so far…

(I uploaded this from my moms place, hence y I could not upload more. Her Inets are SLOOOOOWWWWWWW!!)

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